About Me

My name is Natalija Jekimova and I am coming from a wonderful and scenic country Latvia covered in forests, countryside fields and lakes. I am currently living in Brussels, Belgium.

During my days I work in construction industry balancing between creative and technical approach in order to be a part in the projects that are forming the city scape and leave our mark for generations.

But outside of my work I am interested in art, culture, history. Enjoying painting and creative activities. I am inspired by the beauty around me in nature and the one created by people. But one of my biggest passions is cooking. I truly enjoy it and time that I can spend in the kitchen. For me it is some kind of meditation and process to calm my mind.

Since I remember myself I always liked to cook and organize dinners, have friends over, be the hostess and keeper of traditions. But over years this interest has evolved and now is also about discovering different flavours, stories behind food and their origin. I am particularly interested in the pastry, desserts and great world of French cuisine and delicacies.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to enjoy and explore myself in this passion. Especially I am grateful to those who are part of this journey and enjoy the food and dinners. And particularly the one person who is forced to do it almost every day, without him this wouldn’t be possible 🙂

Get in touch with me via email lagourmandenata@gmail.com or instagram @natalagourmande

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