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the art of celebrating moment called life

If you want to keep your memories, you first have to live them

Bob Dylan

LATEST Recipes

Celery and beef stew

flavoured with apple cider and patience You will need: Celery and beef is very beloved combination of mine, especially when cooked slowly allowing all flavours to mix in to one. I particularly like how celery root is matching with beef and think it is a bit underrated vegetable. Here it comes together with celery stalk…

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Focaccia with rosemary and garlic

Homemade version of crunchy, delicious classic Italian bread This will fill your home with freshly baked bread aroma, and best part is – you don’t need to have any skills to bake it, it is perfect recipe for all levels of baking and is so simple. There is also no need to let dough rise…

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Caramelized onion quiche

Creamy and full of flavours quiche for starter or brunch I have particular love to the caramelized onions and following that I really like also this quiche with is so creamy, richened with some Gruyere cheese and herbs. It is simple to make and the longest time is required for caramelizing onions, but you can…

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Raspberry meringue roll

Roulade light as air and with berry cream filling This is simple dessert that will amaze your guests and be a beautiful decoration for dinner table. It is also a great way how to use left over egg whites that very often end up in the fridge. Raspberries and mascarpone cream are rolled and encased…

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In Bruges

Venice of the North, historical pearl in Belgium I have been lucky to visit Bruges twice and both times around Christmas period. But my love towards this city goes back in years when I watched movie In Bruges for the very first time. Its true spirit is revealed during misty, dark, silent and cold nights when city goes to sleep. Lights, historical buildings surrounded by canals, foggy and narrow streets, moist, almost thick air. So enchanting.. and it is so easy to fall in love with Bruges. It might be a Disneyland, but with a touch of fairy tale, a…

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