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If you want to keep your memories, you first have to live them

Bob Dylan

LATEST Recipes

Creamy cauliflower casserole with chicken

quick weekday dinner from fridge leftovers Ingredients: It’s a common kitchen predicament – half a broccoli or cauliflower tucked away in the depths of the fridge, often forgotten. But fear not, for I bring you a delectable dish that not only rescues these neglected greens but also lets you make use of leftover Greek yogurt…

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Braised caramelized leeks a la Flamande

candid leeks with traditional French Flamande sauce with eggs and butter. Usually it is served with asparagus, but it seems to compliment leeks so good that it is a great combination for a simple starter for your dinner or as main dish as well.

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Braised eggs

with leek, spinach and crushed feta cheese Ingredients (2 person): This is quick, nutritious and very tasty recipe for late weekend breakfast or light dinner. I prefer to cook it in two separate pans serving each of them as a dish straight in the pan, but you can combine it all in one pan.

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In Bruges

Venice of the North, historical pearl in Belgium I have been lucky to visit Bruges twice and both times around Christmas period. But my love towards this city goes back in years when I watched movie In Bruges for the very first time. Its true spirit is revealed during misty, dark, silent and cold nights when city goes to sleep. Lights, historical buildings surrounded by canals, foggy and narrow streets, moist, almost thick air. So enchanting.. and it is so easy to fall in love with Bruges. It might be a Disneyland, but with a touch of fairy tale, a…

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